Lake Argyle

Quick Facts

Where is Lake Argyle?

Lake Argyle is located near the East Kimberley town of Kununurra. It is Western Australia's largest freshwater man-made reservoir. It is part of the Ord River irrigation scheme and lies 80km away from Kununurra.

How big is Lake Argyle?

Lake Argyle is enormous. Imagine a body of water that is approximately 18 times bigger than Sydney Harbour. It has a surface area of about 1000 sq kms.

How to get to Lake Argyle?

You can drive to lake Argyle via the Victoria highway,  alternately you can take a tour from Kununurra.

What to do at Lake Argyle?

There are many recreational opportunities, with one of the best being a trip by boat onto the lake, with an addition of a boat cruise down the Ord River arriving in Kununurra.

How deep is Lake Argyle?

63 metres.

Infinity pool at Lake Argyle Resort offers incredible views of the islands on Lake Argyle, located 42km from the NT border
Infinity Pool at Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle at a glance

The dam wall built for the Ord River Irrigation Scheme created Lake Argyle, Western Australia's largest man-made lake
The Dam at Lake Argyle


Like so much of the Kimberley,  the colours are stunning. There are vast red ranges, with sparse low scrub, trees and grasses. The water is an intense bright blue that stretches right to the horizon. Nothing prepares you for the scale of the lake. It looks like an ocean but it is very flat and still for most of the time.

You gain a real sense of the size on the boat trip as they meander around the red ranges, pointing out the wildlife and stopping for a swim and lunch.

The lake has become an important habitat for fish, freshwater crocodiles, birdlife and animals. This makes it very interesting ecologically.

The Ord River cruise starts at the dam wall on a powerful river boat. It takes several hours to explore the waterways as you travel through the stunning Carr Boyd Range. The boat operators are very skilful, knowledgable locals with a great passion for this area.

Lake Argyle and the Ord River are stunning. It's impossible not to be impressed with the sheer scale, beauty and geology of this amazing Kimberley highlight.