Ord River Cruise

An Ord river cruise is a wonderful way to take in the Kimberley scenery. The view from the water gives you another perspective.

Cruising the Ord River is a relaxing half-day tour, leaving from and returning to Kununurra. During this tour, you are taken by coach up to Lake Argyle and then onto the enormous man made lake. The river cruise includes a barbeque lunch and swim in the cool clear waters of the lake.

The river cruise experience starts with a drive over the Ord River dam wall and a transfer to a powerful river boat. This is a fantastic tour run by extremely passionate, knowledgable operators. They have an impressive knowledge and understanding of the eco systems created by the dam on this river. They take their time travelling along the river, pointing out the wildlife and explaining the ecology in detail.

Carved by the Fitzroy River through ancient limestone walls & Devonian reef system is Danggu, Geike Gorge
Danggu Geike Gorge
Cruising past the 'sleeping buddah' or 'elephant rock' on Lake Kununurra, part of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme
Elephant Rock

As you cruise down river, you are surrounded by an extraordinary large red range. This dramatic scenery is the Carr Boyd Range. The river cruise explores the smaller river tributaries. Afternoon tea is served on a beautiful part of the river.

As you get closer to Kununurra, the colours will start to change to a red sunset glow across the water. The company drive you back to the campground for dinner. There is always a lot of excited talk about what people experienced on the river cruise. People love it.