Mitchell Falls

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We recognise and acknowledge Ngarinyin and Wunambul people as the traditional owners of Mitchell River National Park,

Where is the stunning Punamii-unpuu (Mitchell Falls) in Western Australia?

Punamii-unpuu known generically as the Mitchell Falls are located on the remote Mitchell Plateau which is part of the Mitchell River National Park in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia.

When is the best time to see Punamii-unpuu, the Mitchell Falls?

The largest volume of water flows over the falls in the wet season when many of the roads are closed due to flooding. The rainfall will vary from season to season but June is usually a good time. This is because the roads are accessible again and there is still  a lot of water flowing over the falls.

How to visit Punamii-unpuu, the Mitchell Falls?

There are several options to see the Punamii-unpuu, the Mitchell Falls. If you have a 4 wheel drive and you don't mind some very rugged roads you can travel on The Gibb River Road along the Kalumburu Road to the demanding Port Warrender road. This will take you to the Punamii-unpuu, Mitchell Falls campground car park. To see the falls you can take a walking track or a helicopter ride.

How far is the Mitchell Falls from Broome?

It is 1492 km from Broome to the Mitchell Falls over a variety of difficult and challenging roads that are suitable for 4WD vehicles.

Do I need a Visitor's Pass?

Yes.  An Uunguu Visitor Pass is required and can be purchased online at

Ancient Aboriginal artwork at the Mitchell Plateau
Ancient Aboriginal Artwork at the Mitchell Plateau

Mitchell Falls at a glance

The Wunambal Aboriginal name for the Mitchell Plateau is Ngauwudu and Punamii-unpuu is the Indigenous name for the Mitchell River.
The Mitchell Plateau

The Mitchell Falls known as Punamii-unpuu to the local people is one of the most famous and spectacular places in Western Australia. You can see the falls from the air first and then walk the track to see it from other viewpoints which is an option on our Adventure Wild Kimberley Tour. It is a spectacular place and the local indigenous people have strong spiritual beliefs and connections with the whole area.

We don't drive up to Punamii-unpuu, the Mitchell falls as it takes a whole day of travelling over very difficult roads with jarring corrugations.  To achieve this we would need three to four days to explore. Instead we work with an operator who offers an optional day tour.

If you are interested in taking up this tour option you will be picked up and transported in a fixed wing air craft. This flight will take you over the Kimberley up to  the Mitchell Plateua area. There is a four wheel drive transfer to the start of the walking track. When you arrive, after a walk to the lookout you'll see a high steep series of waterfalls. This is an amazing place for travel photography because it has dramatic views down to the falls.

There is a guided walk that takes you down to Merton's Falls and a lot of rock art can be seen along that track. The Indigenous people traditionally spent a lot of time around these rivers and rocky overhangs. It is powerful scenery and there are Aboriginal stories and beliefs that match that intense landscape.

The Mitchell Plateau is higher up again and as you fly over you get a sense of the whole of the Kimberley with the mighty rivers which flow out to the King Sound and the Cambridge Gulf. This is an exciting way to witness the Kimberley and gain a feel for the spectacular forces that made this region.

Mitchell Falls, stunning tiered waterfall at Mitchell Plateau (Punamii-unpuu) traditional lands for Wunambal-Gaambera & others
Mitchell Falls