El Questro

Quick Facts

Where is El Questro?

El Questro is located in the East Kimberley region of Western  Australia.

What is El Questro?

El Questro was once a working cattle station and there are still some cattle there. These days it is a major tourist destination in the middle of nearly a million acres acres of stunning Kimberley country.

How far is it from Kununurra to El Questro?

It's a 110 km from Kununurra to El Questro. To get there you drive 58 km on the Great Northern Highway toward Wyndham. You then travel along 25 km of sealed section of Gibb River Road. There is a 16 km gravel driveway up to El Questro.  It is recommended that you have four wheel drive as there are several water crossings during this last part of the journey. El Questro have their own airstrip so flying in is also an option. On the Adventure Wild tour we drive in.


Follow a creek into El Questro Gorge, a shady walk over rocky terrain. Enjoy the tropical fern lined walls & a swim
Follow a creek into El Questro Gorge

El Questro at a glance

Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours guide walks at El Questro Station including El Questro Gorge, Emma Gorge & Zebedee Hot Springs
Walks at El Questro Station

El Questro is a real jewel. Once a working cattle station these days it's a high profile Kimberley tourist destination. It was created by a young couple who had a vision of creating a place for everyone to come and enjoy this beautiful area. They wanted to share the beauty and experiences of this extraordinary landscape.

While at El Questro, it's possible to bush camp by a peaceful river or stay at the well run campground located on the Pentecost River. This is a safe for swimming. There are lodge rooms and also the high end luxury option known as the Homestead located on the Chamberlain River.

There are all sorts of experiences that can be arranged through El Questro. These include helicopter flights, fishing expeditions, horse riding, boat cruises and all sorts of other interesting options. All of these activities are run by highly professional guides, which is why we can confidently make these options available as part of the Adventure Wild tour.

On our self driving tour we include several walks which are really opportunities for hiking and swimming. There are some dramatic lookouts at El Questro which are a central part of the station. We also love a warm swim at Zebedee Springs.

Night times at El Questro are delightful.  They have a great bar which usually has live music. This is a very family friendly environment. We enjoy going there because there is such a great atmosphere created by the fairy lights and musicians performing over the season.

Laurie Litwick has managed El Questro for many years. She is part of the reason we enjoy visiting. It's not just a beautiful place it's also a lovely experience to stay there. This is because it is so friendly, exciting, well run and beautiful.

One of the very special moments is when we will take you to a beautiful lookout called Pigeon Hole. It has extensive views over a lot of El Questro and the surrounding the Kimberley region. It is magnificent.

El Questro is very special place in the Kimberley. It manages to be both grand and yet highly personal. It caters for the luxury traveller and at the same time extends a generous welcome to every visitor to the camping grounds. The style of this destination says something about the unique character of the Kimberley and the people you will meet when you travel to this remote place.

Water falls from sheer cliffs 65m high into a refreshing pool. Thermal waters trickle from rocks to the right of Emma Gorge
Water Falls from Sheer Cliffs at Emma Gorge