Fitzroy Crossing

Quick Facts

Where is Fitzroy crossing?

Fitzroy crossing is a small town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia about 200 km from Broome and 2,524 km from Perth.

What is the population of Fitzroy Crossing?

About 1200 people live in Fitzroy Crossing.

What is there to do in Fitzroy Crossing?

Fitzroy Crossing is close to several important national parks. For example,  Danggu Geike Gorge National Park is 18 km from Fitzroy Crossing. Windjana Gorge National Park is 95 km to the north.

Fitzroy Crossing has a Visitor Center and an art gallery where people can see and buy local Aboriginal art. You can visit the historic Crossing Inn which was built in 1897.

Brooking Springs
Brooking Springs

Fitzroy Crossing at a glance

Sunset at Adventure Wild's exclusive site, camped by a billabong on a working cattle station in Fitzroy Crossing.
Sunset at Adventure Wild's Exclusive Site.

Fitzroy Crossing is a tiny Kimberley town we visit as part of our Adventure Wild tour. It has had a varied and challenging history. Many Indigenous local people were employed on cattle stations. In the 1960's changes in payment law created a rapid change of circumstance.

Many Indigenous people found themselves suddenly unemployed with little to do. During this time Fitzroy Crossing was home to large numbers of displaced and unemployed people. This difficult transition meant that for a time the town of Fitzroy Crossing gained a reputation as a problematic place.

Happily there has been a lot of positive change for the town of Fitzroy Crossing and its people. Much of this change can be attributed to strong emerging Indigenous leaders. It is now a more peaceful, positive and connected community and you can feel that when you visit.

People are really friendly in Fitzroy Crossing and they will always say hello to visitors. Sports are very important to the local people and they will travel great distances from remote communities to see their teams play.

Fitzroy Crossing is an interesting town and part of this is due to its proximity to the river. The Fitzroy River remains very important of the local people.

During our time in Fitzroy Crossing we stay on a big working cattle station known as Brooking Spring Station. This is just outside Fitzroy Crossing by the Danggu Geike Gorge Road. We stay as exclusive guests of the Station and we camp by a billabong. This is a beautiful place, the colours of the water change with the light at about 5:30pm. The horizon turns gold and this is reflected on the water as the black cockatoos come down to drink.

There is also beautiful light in the early morning. If you wake up early you’ll see pink and gold on the horizon and this is reflected down on to the billabong. This is a great time to take photos. We often see large brolgas sauntering in pairs on the station, particularly near the waterholes.

Our last night at Fitzroy Crossing and Brooking Springs is always fun, relaxing, and lively. It is also a little reflective as we’ve all grown close during the tour and this is our last night together. People on the tour often form lasting friendships and stay in touch after the tour ends.

You'll remember Fitzroy Crossing for the colours of the dawn and the sunset. You'll meet friendly welcoming people. You'll hear stories about recent change as well as ancient culture and beautiful birdsong. You'll see some cattle, cockatoos and strolling brolgas. It is a peaceful place you'll never forget.

A freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnsoni) or Johnstone's crocodile smiles for the camera on the Fitzroy River the Kimberley
A Freshwater Crocodile on the Fitzroy River.