Camp Cooking

Food cooked, prepared and eaten outdoors has a wonderful fresh quality to it.

There are wonderful aromas and a sense of connectivity people experience when they are preparing and cooking together.

It's always nice to enjoy a meal together after a walk up a beautiful gorge and a swim. Camp cooking can be creative, healthy, inviting and enjoyable. A lot of thought goes into planning the camp meals. We want every meal to be enjoyed and try to provide a lot of variety and some great flavours.

We stock up with large quantities of fresh produce, as well as plentiful treats. All of the guides are "foodies" and the meals they prepare are tested to make sure they are delicious. During the Adventure Wild tour, we cook over the barbecue several times. This can be a very interactive time when guests can join in with the cooking if that's something they enjoy.

Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours are all-inclusive. Enjoy delicious freshly prepared meals from our mobile camp kitchen
Adventure Wild Camp Kitchen.
Cast iron camp ovens are used to cook over the coals of a campfire at Windjana Gorge National Park, The Kimberley.
Cooking Over The Coals.

A favourite is Bush Damper. This is a very simple but we've added in a twist with some unexpected ingredients. The Damper preparation can be very interactive. We cook it in a camp oven over the coals. Afterward it's always enjoyed with butter and golden syrup.

We buy a lot of fresh local produce from Kununurra. It is a fantastic place for melons, papaya, mangos, bananas, corn, zucchini, butternut pumpkin and squash.

Food preparation often becomes a very lively, fun time with lots of hilarity, jesting and bonding. Feedback often includes, "I loved the food - but I ate too much!"

People love the feeling of connection over the campfire and the food that is  produced in the camp kitchen.