Quick Facts

Where is Broome located?

Broome is a coastal town in the north of Western Australia. It's on a peninsula surrounded by stunning beaches and coastline.

What is the distance from Perth?

Perth is 2,240 km southwest of Broome.

When is the best time to go to Broome?

April to October is in the dry season. This is much cooler with a lower level of humidity and less chance of rain. It is the most comfortable time to visit Broome.

A palm tree silhouette at sunset over Cable Beach, Broome. May to September are great times to visit & avoid the southern winter.
Palm Tree Silhouette at Cable Beach

Broome at a glance

The Kimberley is host to Humpback whales that migrate annually from the Antarctic to the tropical waters of Broome, WA.
Humpback Whales at Broome.

Broome is exotic, beautiful and tropical.

It's a destination in its own right and you could easily spend a couple of weeks exploring and be kept busy every day.

The first thing that strikes you is the vivid colour. The soil is very red because of the high iron level. There are a lot of red sculptural rocks along the coastline. The water colour is a distinctive blue green. As you drive in and around Broome you will notice these stunning colours as well as a distinctive tropical architectural style unique to Broome.

There is a lot of fascinating history in Broome. The Indigenous people have lived in the area for thousands of years and their ancestors still live in Broome to this day. Historically, the pearling industry attracted people to the area. Migrants from many different cultures came to Broome to work in the pearling industry and ended up staying.

There are many Broome families with Dutch, Japanese, German and Chinese ancestry. This cultural mix creates vibrancy and contributes to why Broome is a place like no other. The Indigenous people also have cultural connections to the pearl shell as it was traded between groups.

There is a wonderful little museum in Broome where you can explore and understand the history of Broome. It is well worth a visit, so set aside at least a couple of hours to get the most out of the displays.

Broome enjoys a festival. These are an opportunity for visitors to join in the celebration of the strong cultural connections that make Broome such an interesting place.  The Shinzu Matsuri festival of the Pearl is held every year. Another regular event is the Staircase to The Moon where everybody watches  a special event which lights up the foreshore of Roebuck Bay. You'll see a series of steps created by the moonlight.  Please refer below for specific dates and times.

It's nice to visit the local night market, buy some delicious local food and sit by the bay. It can be a postcard moment. You can sit watching as the sun drops into the Indian Ocean and camels stroll along the beach. That particular Broome scene is world famous. Experiences like these are a celebration of nature. The whole beach is full of people standing in awe as they watch the sunset and take photos.

The red rocks of Gantheaume Point, Broome contrast with the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean & white sand of Cable Beach.
Red Rocks of Gantheaume Point
Welcome to Broome, gateway to the Kimberley, located on a peninsula between Roebuck Bay & the Indian Ocean.
Gateway to the Kimberley

Roebuck Bay is really important from an ecological perspective. Long ago the Fitzroy River flowed into the ocean and deposited silt which is a very dense grey. It is quite hard to walk in this thick mud.  It contains all sorts of food and crustaceans for the migratory birds that visit each year. Roebuck Bay is an important fish and bird habitat. The waters have an abundance of marine creatures including the snub nose dolphin, fish, rays, sharks, sea snakes to name a few. The humpback whales come in every year and give birth to their calves in the warm water. We've seen a baby whale frolicking around his mother as she slept. It was a highlight.

You can also see landmarks from prehistoric times in the form of many ancient dinosaur footprints. These tracks have been incorporated in traditional Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. One tale features Emu Man who walked the coastline. His journey forms a songline. This tells the story of how the natural world was created. It is possible to see some of the dinosaur footprints when the tide is exceptionally low.

There is so much to see and do in Broome. The colours are dazzling. The people are friendly and hospitable. The history is fascinating. This is the reason why Adventure Wild start and finish our tour in this special Kimberley town.

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As the sun sets over Cable Beach & the Indian Ocean in Broome it creates a 'staircase to the sun'.
Broome sunset over Cable Beach and Indian Ocean creates a 'Staircase to the Sun'.

Getting to Broome

Roebuck Bay Broome. On a full tide the pindan-soil colours the turquoise waters amongst the mangroves at Town Beach
Roebuck Bay Broome where pindan-soil colours the turquoise waters.

Qantas and Virgin airlines fly direct between Broome and Perth a number of times each day.

Qantas also fly direct between Broome and:

  • Melbourne every Wednesday and Sunday (Also Fridays June-August)
  • Sydney every Tuesday and Saturday (Also Thursdays June-August)

From Darwin, Air North, Qantas and Nexus airlines fly daily.

It is worth waiting for a Qantas or Virgin flight special.

Planning your holiday in advance you have a great opportunity of achieving discounted fares.

We look forward to you joining us.

Staircase to the Moon

2024 Staircase to the Moon Schedule

Month Day & Date Time
MarchMon 25th6.24 pm
MarchTue 26th6.49 pm
MarchWed 27th7.15 pm
AprilThu 25th6.20 pm
AprilFri 26th6.58 pm
AprilSat 27th7.43 pm
MayFri 24th5.40 pm
MaySat 25th6.32 pm
MaySun 26th7.31 pm
MaySun 27th8.37 pm
JuneSun 23rd6.26 pm
JuneMon 24th7.35 pm
JuneTue 25th8.45 pm
JulyMon 22nd6.29 pm
JulyTue 23rd7.41 pm
JulyWed 24th8.51 pm
AugustTue 20th6.31 pm
AugustWed 21st7.42 pm
AugustThu 22nd8.52 pm
SeptemberWed 18th6.28 pm
SeptemberThu 19th7.40 pm
SeptemberFri 20th8.52 pm
OctoberThu 17th6.25 pm
OctoberFri 18th7.39 pm
OctoberSat 19th8.53 pm

Acknowledgement: Dates & times provided by Greg Quicke @ Astro Tours.

The Staircase to the Moon.
Mud crabs can be found in the mangroves & tributaries of Roebuck Bay. With a fishing licence you can walk for or net the crabs.
Mud crabs can be found in the mangroves & tributaries of Roebuck Bay. With a fishing licence you can walk for or net the crabs.

Accommodation in Broome

Beaches of Broome
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Bayside Holiday Apartments
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3 star. 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. Located opposite Matso’s Brewery. Walking distance to Town Beach, Chinatown, restaurants and bars in Old Broome.