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Where is Kununurra located?

Kununurra is a town in the north of Western Australia on the east side of the Kimberley just near the border of the Northern Territory.

How far is Kununurra from Broome?

By air the distance is 734 km.The road distance is 1045 km.

What does the name Kununurra mean in the Aboriginal language?

It means meeting of the big waters.

What is the population of Kununurra?

The population is approximately 6,000 people and half are Indigenous. The Miriwoong and the Gajerrong people are the traditional owners of the area.

How far from Kununurra to Purnululu?

The distance from Kununurra is 327.7km by road.

Reflections on Lake Kununurra, a part of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme in the Kimberley.
Reflections on Lake Kununurra

Kununurra at a glance

Kununurra town overview
Kununurra Town Overview

Kununurra is a really pretty place. You approach the town driving through huge uplifted sandstone ranges and suddenly you are greeted with a lush green tropical landscape.

There is a lot of water. You'll see Lake Kununurra, the Diversion Dam, rivers and irrigation channels. The water attracts a lot of bird, aquatic and animal life.

The town is surrounded by ranges, including Mirimar National Park and the Carr Boyd Ranges. It is nestled beneath these with Lake Kununurra in the centre of the town.

When we arrive in Kununurra we enjoy visiting the lake. It's cool and rich with green vegetation and birdlife. We spot the Jacana birds walking on the lily pads, as well as Sharp Eyed Egrets, Long Necked Darters and lots of Milling Catfish. If we are eating lunch it’s always entertaining watching the Kites flying overhead.

Kununurra is a rich source of local produce for our Adventure Wild supplies. You will see fields of legumes, pumpkins, corn, tropical fruits, bananas, melons and sandalwood. We stock up with delicious fresh fruit and vegetables. This year we tried a new unusual “Spanish melon” which we highly recommend.

During the Adventure Wild tour we spend a few days exploring Kununurra. It’s a really well stocked town with a lot of industry tucked down the side roads. It's a helpful gateway to the Gibb River Road because you'll find stock of most things you might need.

We always have a great time in Kununurra. We enjoy visiting galleries, the Cultural Centre and meeting some local artists.

Kununurra is a refreshing oasis - we describe it as our town time and enjoy exploring over the two nights we stay there.

Adventure Wild Kimberley Tour guide, Phil explains the history of the Ord River Irrigation System & Kununurra farming
Phil explains the history of the Ord River Irrigation System and Kununurra farming.
Escarpments surrounding the town
Escarpments Surrounding Kununurra

Kununurra Attractions

Argyle Diamond Mine

Wilderness Park

Wyndham and the Cambridge Gulf

Wyndham Crocodile Park