Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Wally Harding

Year of Tour: 2016



I had some free time yesterday while some went on the chopper,

and jotted some thoughts down about a nurse and former copper

I speak of Corf and Adey, our tour guides extraordinaire

And take this time to thank them for their leadership & care.


We started off in Broome last week, without a lot of fuss

And drove around a few motels until we filled the bus

I’m sure we all were wondering just who would join the tour

Whether they be young or old – and were they rich or poor?


We sat around the fire first night and started with some games

Which really help tremendously with learning all our names



We’ve swum in lovely gorges and had some awesome walks

And learned a lot of history when Corf has shared his talks

The driving has been interesting and when Corf had had enough

He’d pass the wheel to Adey – mainly as it got quite rough!


We drove along Old Halls Creek Road and around the Bus were tossed

But I must dispel the rumour that Corf was ever lost!


The food has been terrific, the organising great

So we offer our apologies for the times we made you late

I’ll miss the fun around the fire when we would share some gags

But there’s one that I will not miss – rolling up those swags!!


We’re sad you’re giving this away though we understand the reason

And we’re quite excited for you as you enter your new season

And I’m sure a group as good as us you ALWAYS will remember

Well maybe that’s ambitious – how about until September.


To share this final trip with you, I feel I have been blest

So whatever lies ahead for you, we wish you ALL THE BEST.

Rating 5/5