Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Suchitra Chari

Year of Tour: 2024

Dear Simone and Karl,

Good morning. Yes, I would like it very much to keep in touch with the guides and my travel buddies in this group.

To me, the last 12 days have been a pilgrimage – paying homage to nature and this country.., to experience valleys and gorges and land shaped by wind and water over 340 million years ago has been the most profound experience of my life, second only to the joy of giving birth to my son.

From our very first interaction in August last year to bidding goodbye to Gools and Thommo last eve – I continue to be impressed by this rare blend of professionalism and familial warmth that I consider to be the trademark of Adventure Wild.

The attention to detail in planning, ensuring individual needs are understood and catered for, sensitivity to vulnerabilities of physical limitations, the gentle care such as chux wipes to keep cool and Electrolytes during the Mitchell Plateau walks, providing and adjusting the walking poles, tips on preparing for challenging walks – have made this a safe, exciting and rewarding experience.

Golden Gools – as she’s both a fabulous cook an amazing travel guide surprised me with her ability to produce exquisite Vegetarian dishes every single meal to meet my dietary requirements — she even came up with frozen mango mousse dessert in the remote Bungle Bungles, and..

Titan Thommo made me feel safe by offering to roll my swag, keeping vigil on steep terrains … his superb ability to drive a large truck in corrugated roads and river beds while still giving commentary during and after, stands testament to his passion for what he does – a pair of well suited guides and a delightful couple…

It is sheer joy to be in their company and they manage group dynamics with such finesse and grace and careful humour.

I could go on and on. Hats off to you and your team Simone, for what the tour offers and the effort it takes to pull it all off in remote terrain and sparsely populated areas, from maintaining relationships with your networks in the region, the trucks and equipments – to putting up the permanent tents … I am surprised by your pricing … it leaves me speechless and I’m in awe!