Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Sarah and John Fereday

Year of Tour: 2016

Dear Mark and Carmel,

I hope all is going well for you, touring the Kimberley day after day – John and I thought what a dream job, but certainly understand it is a job and one that you do brilliantly!  Along with our very positive comments to friends about our experience with Adventure Wild, we talk about how hard you guys work to ensure everyone on the trip has a wonderful holiday and your skill and professionalism travelling with an eclectic bunch of customers.  It does take skill balancing work with friendship, making sure everyone is having a good time and you have mastered that skill!

We chose Adventure Wild because we wanted to experience as close as possible what it would be like travelling independently with a 4wd/camper trailer, sleeping in tents, sitting around fires etc.  The benefits way exceeded our expectations.  Your local knowledge, the incredible meals, your sill cooking on an open fire (we took notes!) and just not having to think ‘what to do / where to go next’ was fabulous!

Best wishes

Rating 5/5