Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Rod & Donna Gaynor

Year of Tour: 2021

  We are a couple in their 60’s who do not camp or 4 wheel drive and we knew that this would most likely be the only opportunity to see many of the beautiful sites of the Kimberley. My brother who is 10 years younger had urged us to do this trip as he has been lucky enough to, both see the area and, to know Karl and Simone. We are so grateful that he did so.

We had the best time. Our guides Mark and Carmel are like mountain goats and worked like navvies to make sure that we had the best time. They are legends. We had a great group of people to travel with of similar ages and interests, although obviously of varying fitness levels. We have exchanged contact details so hopefully we will be able to stay in touch. I have dodgy knees and found some of the walks challenging but was so pleased to be able to do many of them. Carmel would say I don’t think you can do this OR let’s give it a go. Sometimes that may mean that she would have to return to base with me and then hike back (such a lovely girl).

She also produced the most amazing food – ably assisted by Mark. Sometimes on the camp fire at night (Marks job) but always appearing almost magically with the minimum of fuss. Sooo much food.

The tents and swags were really comfortable – so much so that we are buying a swag for ourselves so we can camp with our sons and grandchildren. The tents when we did have to put them up were easy to do and everyone helped everyone else. Particularly useful when we had our early starts (5am on many occasions). The weather was perfect and we saw the Kimberley at its best after a wonderful wet season.

The old saying “You are on tour NOT on holiday” holds true but I recommend this trip and this company to everyone. In fact I have two sets of relatives who are interested in booking. We had an wonderful time.