Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Pat O’Neill

Year of Tour: 2016

Hello Simone,

I just wanted to touch base and thank you so much for the tour we did with Thommo and Gools.  We really enjoyed ourselves and have memories to last forever.  I wrote a little poem about our trp and Thommo asked if I would email you a copy.  Thanks once again and I am sure we will catch up again sometime.



We headed for adventure

As strangers we all met,

But bonding quickly took effect

With mates we won’t forget.

As we hit the mighty Gibb

Our bones began to shake,

Thommo steered the truck along

While Gools would navigate.

They both took turns at driving

They liked to share the load,

The job was rather grueling

To keep us on the road.

The track was rough and tiresome

And that’s to say the least,

We’d unpack at the campsite

While Gools cooked up a feast.

Thommo climbs up on the roof

And grabs the swags to fling,

While Gools works in the kitchen

With food fit for a king.

She always seems to be so calm

And never shows frustrations,

Every night she feeds the crew

With food from different nations.

Things didn’t always go as planned

Roslyn bruised her shin,

Ken just kept on telling jokes

To fill the money tin.

All the gorges that we saw

We never will forget,

But some tracks we took to get there

A mountain goat would sweat.

We tested every muscle

In our ankles and our hips,

And woke up every morning

To the sound of noisy zips.

Col and Wendy had their day

A fishing trip at last,

Col caught a barramundi

On his final cast.

He brought it back to campsite

To give us all a treat,

And thanks to Gools the master chief

We all had fish to eat.

The Bungle Bungles were a treat

We saw them from the air,

The chopper had no doors on it

And roughed the ladies hair.

Some were apprehensive

And held on to their seat,

But the memory of that chopper ride

They’ll find it hard to beat.

Wendy was the finance girl

We all thought she was fine,

At least she didn’t overcharge

Five bucks every time.

All the places that we saw

Would tell another story,

But when we found a shopping mall

Ray was in his glory.

Gools and Thommo had a plan

They’d keep to show their mates,

They both had hawk eyes in the front

To pick up number plates.

I know we all had so much fun

But when the journey ends,

With strangers that we never knew

We’ve got some new found friends.

It’s sad the trip is now complete

And on that final day,

We climb aboard the aeroplane

And all go Pharaway

Rating 4.5/5