Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Ode to Mark & Carmel (and Mascot Fergus)

Year of Tour: 2018

Adventure Wild Kimberley Tour with Mark & Carmel (and Mascot Fergus)

Let us tell ya about a man named Mark
Who has great wit & is never formal
Said one day to his wonderful wife, Carmel
Let’s hit road the road hon, and do something less normal.

Adventure Wild and the sounds of the outback came calling
Mark said ‘lets leave the cows and go exploring’
We’ll bounce over the Gibb River Road, avoid crocs and camp in the Kimberley
They took up the offer, then thought do we REALLY have to get up this early

How hard could that be,
a crew of two, a truck, trailer, & lovely people like you & me. (Us)

Each day begins with swag rolling
Swags comes in all shapes and sizes
What a feat, not to be beat,
To get that lot all nice and neat

Carmel, your knowledge, cooking, driving, humour, to name just a few
the stories of the outback and indigenous history which have been informative through & through

Although Carmel would like a cooking pill,
we are amazed at the freshness & variety of food. We had a great deal

Mark and Carmel, your attention to detail is to be admired, and you’re never put
off by our silly questions, you even pretend to be inspired

Dish washing was never a chore
Where many a story told and many problems were solved

Safety comes first with Carmel & Mark when collecting wood is the go
Chainsaw, glasses, gloves and sitting atop the kitchen will show
Many hands collect the hoard
Chain gang style and woods on board

We’ve bounced over roads, enjoyed the clear night skies, swum in a billabong,
shared stories around the fire, then ‘tomorrow-tonight came along
Mark gave Kerry the shirt off his back too!!
Some even found frogs in the loo

Like a coat of many colours
We are a crew of many colours, each special to the core.
A challenge here, a challenge there but grateful to you for taking us on this
amazing journey to see the rugged beauty offered by the Kimberley.