Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Neil and Colleen Allen

Year of Tour: 2016

Hi Simone John Phil and Liz.

I like to change the words to songs and sing to people to make them smile. I sang this around the table on our last night. Enjoy.


To the tune of “You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille ” by Kenny Rogers.



You picked the Gibb River road to take us on Phil and Liz.

5000 corrugations  – nowhere to take a whiz.

We’ve had a Wild time – No not a mild time.

We took the tour choc full of fizz.

You picked the Kimberley to take us on Phil and Liz.


Verse 1

August 2016 – the tour group, it was 13.

They picked us up 6am from Broome.

We headed to Derby – the road was straight not curvy.

Count river crossings was our game.

First stop was Tunnel Creek.

Later met Moo who wasn’t meek – he slobbered his saliva over Liz.

Many crossings they were empty, Gorges there were plenty.

Where you from mate?  Colleen had to play that quiz.


Repeat Chorus


Verse 2

Sex kitten Sandra- known as Attenborough

Howard Priscilla – Sir Galahad

Mike was the quiet bloke, Linda she got heat stroke – lucky for her it wasn’t bad.

Bosom buddies Cheryl and Pam

One night they gobbled bush lamb

Gave each other as good as they got.

Sally – post natal nurse from Tammin- hubby John took pictures like a demon.

They brought along sweet swag roller Jim.


Repeat Chorus


Verse 3

Lost towel Kununurra

Hearing aids Purnululu

Phone chargers, toothpaste and a hat.

Sunglasses and washing line

Coffee cups, but never wine

Sandra now 60 lost her youth.

Clean socks always dirty

And some feet did hurty

But somehow we found what was lost.

The team helped each other

Liz and Phil they played Mother

For many their bucket list crossed.


Repeat Chorus


Verse 4

Neil he was not well

But the group treated him very well

The food was bloody great what can I say.

Most nights we had a fire – the bar it just got higher.

Briefings let us know what to expect next day.

Phil was a great driver, thanks to him we’re all survivors.

Liz, well she’s a kitchen whiz.

We’d just like to thankyou;

Some might even say knight you!

I dub you Sir Phil and Dame Liz.


Chorus Repeat

With Last line sang twice – and changed to:

We had a great time -thanks to Phil and Liz.



Kimberley Colxx

Rating 4.5/5