Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Mary & John Stevenson

Year of Tour: 2013

Like I said in one of my two emails to family & friends while we were on our Safari, the word “Adventure” was an understatement for what we were experiencing on our trip.

To date my favourite holidays were NZ, Grand Canyon, Rome & Niagara Falls, they have all moved down a notch & our Adventure Wild Kimberley trip is now #1.

What made this trip better than the rest was Tommo & Gooles, they were Super Professional, Efficient, Caring & much more, they went above & beyond in everything that they did.

I was a little nervous to start with re my allergy to Garlic & Msg & on the first night I made it known that I did not want to be a nuisance & would be happy with a salad & bread at times when garlic (in particular) was an issue. It soon became obvious that Gooles must have read every food label in the Supermarket when she shopped for the trip. On all but 3 nights I was given a separately cooked meal & whenever sauces were on offer I was told which ones I should avoid.

Both Gooles & Tommo, obviously love what they do & it shows because nothing was too much trouble for them, they were always happy & smiling.

Before this trip my only experience of Aboriginal people were the city ones who seemed to hang around Sydney’s city railway stations, usually drinking or what I saw on TV re “The Block” at Redfern. I was actually a bit nervous being anywhere near them. I now have a totally different perspective, having heard what we, the white folk, have done to them in the past. Tommo & Gooles painted a wonderful picture, with dreamtime stories etc I now want to hear more!

The main gift that I brought back for my almost 9 year old grandson was a book about Aborigines, I saw it in Broome on Day 1 & totally ignored it. His Mum & Dad were delighted with the book, they have a couple of Aboriginal paintings in their home.

So it wasn’t just the memories of the beautiful Kimberleys that I took back, I learned so much, something new everyday.

I also made it all the way into the El Questro Gorge, what a sense of achievement that was, as I was the oldest person on the trip & some who were much younger did not make it, including my husband John, who by the way also loved the whole experience.

Rating 4/5