Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Lynn & David Haine

Year of Tour: 2013

We are now back in cold, wet Adelaide after staying in Broome for a few extra days after our Adventure Wild trip.

We enjoyed our trip very much and Greg & Choccy were fantastic. They got us to the gorges before the other tour buses arrived which we all appreciated, because once those other tours turned up the gorges became noisy & crowded. They told us about the flora, fauna, stars and took us to sunsets. The food was great, I don’t know how Choccy does it.
You always responded to our emails promptly. I swear sometimes you had the answer back before I had hit the send button! That in itself gave us confidence that we would be travelling with an efficient team.

We have brought back lots of memories and lots of photos!

I haven’t completed the attached testimonial form as we did one on the bus.

Rating 5/5