Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Llewenna Hilton-Butt

Year of Tour: 2023

Kimberley Trip with ‘Adventure Wild’

22 June- 3 July 2022


Up bright and early

Lugged bags to the bus

Picked up all the passengers

Without any fuss.


Off up the road

Willare for morning tea

Optional confirmed

And time for a pee.


Next stop was a prison

A giant boab tree

Thirteen metres around

Real history to see.


At Tunnel Creek we wandered

Without a mishap

Tried to fit a size 20 bum

Through a size 10 gap.


We paddled and clambered

Used head torches to view

Lots of helping hands

Rocks green and pink hues.


Driving through the country

Boabs did abound

Big, medium and small

Trunks fat, smooth and round.


Along from the campsite

Windjana’s great rocks

Gave a great vista

With several freshwater crocs.


Mossy and Jenny

Had the camp sorted out

Swag demo was given

And tents all about.


A sit round the campfire

Info was shared

Dinner was ready

Margaret nearly spared.


Non-return from the shower

Margaret caused some concern

A search party set out

To ensure her return.


Our first camp pack up

Went quite well

Without Mosssy’s instructions

It could have been hell.


The Kimberley massage

Was in to gear

We shuddered and shook

From our toes to our ears.


Lunch at Bell’s Gorge

A picturesque spot

Some lounged in the water

As the day was quite hot.


Cars, trucks and motor-bikes

We ate their dust

Those corrugations certainly

Worked out the bust.


Billabong reflections

Met us at Mt Barnett

The showers were cold

But at least they were wet.


Across the billabong

In freezing water

Some “ummed” and “aahhed”

Should they really ought’a.


Manning Gorge was reached

By climbing and scrambling

The swim worthwhile

Even after ambling.


Some went to the river

Melaleucas so calm

A wander through the shallows

A marvellous balm.


Animal tracks in the dust

And black cockatoos

Flocks of galahs

And cattle without moos.


Ellenbrae Station

An oasis in the dust

Big scones and cream

Mango frappe a must.

The vegetation changed

Boabs became sparse

Gibb River corrugations

Were still shaking our… (arms).


Cockburn Ranges

Got all the cameras clicking

Pentecost River

Gave the tyres a licking.


First in the line

For Zebedee Springs

The warm water a soak

A tonic for things.


Ell Questro Gorge

Was our next challenge

Rock faces, wasp nest

Nearly everyone managed.


A Chamberlain Gorge cruise

And champagne wish

No crocs, instead spat on

By little Archer Fish.


A sleep in at El Questro

A welcome relief

It seems the corellas

Didn’t get the brief.


Off to Emma Gorge

And more rocks to traverse

A small croc under the ledge

Just wouldn’t reverse.


Pigeon Hole Lookout

With magnificent sunset

Drinks, nibbles and chatter

With new friends we met.


Some travelled to Wyndam

And saw five rivers meet

A magnificent confluence

Near the ocean did greet.


Others to the airstrip

To board a small plane

Flew to Mitchell Plateau

Without any strain.


Four wheel drive to the heliport

Hovered to the falls

Spectacular views

Of the cascades for all.

Waded the river

Over  more rocks and tracks

Lunch at Little Merton

Then donned the backpacks.


The flight to Kununurra

On the memory left a mark

Arrived at the campsite

Well after dark.


Kelly’s Hill Lookout

Sandalwood and Zebra rocks

Galleries and souvenirs

Some bought shiny pink rocks.


Bungle Bungle campsite

Had a loo with a view

Look up at the stars

There are a million or two.


The Bungle beehives

Spectacular to see

Stripes and colours amazing

Nature’s own beauty.


The cathedral was massive

Echidna Chasm charming

The road was so bumpy

It was quite alarming.


A quartz China wall

Halls Creek morning tea

Fitzroy Crossing for petrol

Then a billabong spree.


A private campsite

The toilet not far

We turned off the lights

And gazed at the stars.


We did our last pack up

Geikie Gorge beckoned

The road was much longer

Than anyone reckoned.


The trip, not just travel

Characters play a part

Some notes they were taken Right from the start.


Alison was quiet

And took everything in

She loves this great world

That we all live in.

Annette another quiet one

Always pitched in

Enjoyed a good laugh

When she got a word in.


Quick to the wiping up

Ben didn’t miss out

The few stumbles he had

Didn’t cause him to shout.


Carly, like Houdini

Disappeared quite a lot

Follow the smoke signals

Or sometimes her cough.


When on tricky rocks

Darryl is the man

Always there willing

To lend you a hand.


Inge had travelled

Half way round the world

To do this great trip

That started with pearls.


Jenny’s catering skills

Were second to none

After a long day driving

Even she had a sore bum.


We could all hear Leone

She said how it was

Always willing to help

No matter the cause.


A bush poet at heart

And a few little ditties

Lex was quick to help out

And always quite witty.


Linda had big strides

Over rocks and the streams

When a rockadile bit her

She didn’t even scream.


Marg had been here before

At a much lower cost

At the campsite the first night

She did become lost.


Meg confirmed details

And liked to sleep in

Was waiting for a big night

With flash shoes to dance in.

Megan loved nature

Loved all the birds

She also loves singing

As we often heard.


Mossy climbed the truck

Rolled around with the swags

Came out with one liners

Oh, what a dag.


Narelle shakes her head

When Lex has a say

53 years together

Love makes her stay.


Sue liked to paddle

But not a keen swimmer

Did plenty of walking

A great appetite at dinner.


Zona’s a dynamo

And swims like a fish

Lots of waterholes to splash in

Delivered her wish.


A recommendation

For the next group

Bring a good sports bra

To avoid corrugation droop.


A sound we will remember

Is the early morning zip

Or when someone next door

Really lets one rip.


Another little ritual

The cigarette sized swag

Best on the last morning

Without sleeping bag.


Twelve days now over

Full of Kimberley culture

We were totally immersed

In history and nature.


I had a great trip

And hope you did too

Just one thing to say

To all, a big thank you.


Happy and safe travels.