Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Kim & Tony Leonello

Year of Tour: 2013

Greg, what can I say, how can we thank him for all the places he took us to, even the extra places that we didn’t know about. He would drive for hours, and on some really rough roads, and then when we stop for camp, he is off up onto the top of the bus and into it again. The guy must have the stamina of someone half his age. Hmmm, maybe we should put him out to stud. Ha ha. Thanks heaps Greg.

The food, well what can you say about the food, bloody beautiful. It amazed all of us what Choccy came up with each night. I certainly could not have done it.

Some of my highlights were swimming in the pools, and jumping off high rocks into the pools with Greg, Choccy (yep I did that, oh yea); Cathedral Gorge and Echidna Chasm, oh and just so many more.

Those two are absolutely wonderful, incredibly great fun, great sense of humour, we love them. We had a bloody fantastic time, from day one it was great!

So from both Tony and myself, thank you ever so much from the bottom of our hearts for a fantastic holiday that we will never forget.

Rating 5/5