Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Jean Crocker

Year of Tour: 2017

Hi Simone & Karl,

Thank you for all your support, advice and practical help as we prepared for this wonderful adventure. Thanks to your instructions, I found I had packed everything I needed, and little else. The meals and snacks far exceeded my expectations, and the structure of the itinerary (driving times, resting times, walking times, quiet times) could hardly be improved.  Bravo!

Our guides, Mark and Carmel, were extraordinary. They are very knowledgeable about this beautiful area, and their narration on the drives and walks made it a very special educational experience.  They are kind, thoughtful, generous, tireless, and fit — and attentive to the needs of their guests. I felt like I was a princess, traveling with a personal valet and cook.  Their enthusiasm and confidence encouraged me onto walks I might have missed without them.  Their company around the fire at night was a great pleasure — how good of them to continue to share stories and insights long after most guides would have called it a day. It was never made obvious, but I could see over time that our safety and health was their primary concern, and this attention, and their training, paid off in our ability to fulfill the itinerary in good health and great spirits

Yours is a wonderful product.  Mark and Carmen are a gift I will never forget. I had the time of my life — and considering all the amazing places I’ve had a chance to see — and my travel mates were the same — that is really saying something.

Best Wishes