Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Gail McGowan

Year of Tour: 2023

Hi Simone,

What can you say about Gools & Thommo (G&T)?  Like the very finest of gin and tonics, warmth, knowledge and interesting stories dominated early, easing into a fun, feel good finish to savour.  The ‘Gools and Thommo Advneture Wild’ variety is notable for its seamless efficiency and attention to detail.  Secret botanical ingredients unobtrusively provided for everything we forgot and lots more we had no idea we had forgotten, or even needed.  The G&T taste will be very long lasting and we all hope the flavor of what we have experienced never subsides.  It truly has been an elixir of life that has surpassed all expectations.

G&T were truly remarkable and absolutely made the trip, although your responsiveness and organisational skill as the glue that holds it together was equally impressive. We cannot recommend Adventure Wild enough (although I don’t think I want to hear the sound of another tent zipper at 3am in the morning ever again!!)

Kind regards