Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Dilnaz & Homi Billimoria

Year of Tour: 2023


Dear Simone, Gools (Cheryl), Thommo (Wayne) and team in AWK

Namaste (hello)  and Shukriya (thank you)

What can we say but a huge THANK YOU to all of you for an AbsFab Adventure Wild Kimberley Tour!  No words can express our gratitude for a safe, surreal and superb Expedition.

Simone, your professionalism, politeness and promptness are amazing. We appreciated your immediate responses to our many queries and for guiding us through the process, with the vagaries of weather preceding our trip. Your planning of this trip showcases the deep thought and hard work given to understanding the needs and aspirations of the guests, the requirements of national parks, the pristine environment,  First Nations priorities, and the safety of all. No easy task! Thanks to all in the team for contributing to a successful adventure.

Gools and Thommo, what a Dynamic Duo, a Terrific Team, who were Friend, Philosopher and Guide to a group of 16 strangers. On Day 1  you impressed us with your Capabilities, on day 2 you inspired Confidence in us, on Day 3 you showed your Creative side, on Day 4 your Charming Conversations, on  Day 5 your Commitment to us seeing everything that was promised, on Day 6 your Communications with all stakeholders, on Day 7 your Chef skills, on Day 8 your ability to Co-design routines with your guests, on Day 9 your Cultural Sensitivity about all cultures, faiths, tradition, on Day 10 your genuine Curiosity to know more about your guests, on Day 11 your knowledge about the wider Community (be it First Nations, Environment, Royal Flying Doctors Service, whatever) and on Day 12 we were all Chuckling Companions  throughout!

You both drove 500 more kms (3500 kms in all) to ensure we could see more, see everything safely and be as comfortable as possible.

Taking a 10 ton truck and trailer with all of us inside over the gushing mighty Fitzroy River in full flood to the other side was a WooHoo moment for many!  Hauling up swags and bags and bringing them down again daily may not be as dramatic but sure was hard work for both of you. Surprising us with Thai curry one day, to gnocchi in cream sauce the next, with us breaking bread together over a campfire, is a memory  not to be forgotten.

We really appreciated celebrating our milestone wedding anniversary with bubbly, a campfire at our feet  and a carpet of stars above our heads. Awesome!

G&T, you created a home away from home for us, and your patience, humour, knowledge and skills nurtured us, supported us,  steering us from a group of random people to a a group of friends!

Will recommend this trip to all our family, friends,in Oz and overseas. To be one with nature is to find yourself. Rivers, mountains, gorges, chasms, animals, birds, reptiles, flora and fauna, you shared all. Your blood, sweat and tears made this  trip good for our spirit, nourished our soul and fed our stomachs with many meals in the day!

Take care all. We send our love and good wishes.

Au Revoir! Till we meet again!!

Dil and Bill

(Dilnaz and Homi)