Testimonial for Adventure Wild

David and Vangie Pemberton

Year of Tour: 2016

As Vangie and I sit in freezing cold weather, here in Bunbury, we remember fondly those balmy days and nights in the Kimberley.  We certainly were blessed by good weather, wonderful fellow guests & companions, and great leaders and guides. Not only were we tremendously blessed by Phil and Liz, but we also had Rory (the boss) with us sharing his tremendous knowledge and experience, together with his twanging guitar and vocals around the campfire.

Thanks, Liz, for your yummy vegetarian food (supplemented by Rory’s spicy Chucka Lucka). Your sensitivity in finding that cute little ‘hot water bottle’ for my painful neck/shoulder was really appreciated. Kevin reminded me yesterday about it …calling me “The Hunchback of Notre Kimberley”. Phil’s company and great patience with us was also much appreciated. You guys are a great team and work so calmly and well together, even when under great pressure. We ALL are under no doubts that you will continue to be outstandingly successful in showing this wonderful country of ours to many other delighted guests. So, from all the Bunbury Mob …David&Vangie, Rob,&Joy (she of the well healed nose), Kevin&Precy …thanks, and May God bless you both abundantly as a couple, and as leaders with Adventure Wild.

Rating 5/5