Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Dave George – July 2021

Year of Tour: 2021


We all came to Broome to do the Kimberly trip, we thought it might rain, but there was nary a drip.

Gools and Thommo picked us up in the bus, and we were away without any fuss.

Then off we drove to the big hollow tree, where they used to keep prisoners, maybe one, two or three.

These Boab trees are an interesting sight, just look to the left and off to the right.

Next an ancient reef where the river cut a tunnel, that sucked us right in – just like down a funnel.

We waded on through, mostly in dark, but with our headlights we could see the bright spark

of crocodile eyes – do believe me, I tell you no lies.

On we went to Windjana Gorge and (while on our walk), new friendships did forge.

We are Alex, Deb, and Kylee; Duncan and Jane; Geoff and Sandy; Dave and Joanne; Chris and Julie; and of course our guides – Thommo and Gooley – Gools for short.

And now we are on the Gibb River Road.  Our bus was designed to carry the load, of us and our stuff and plenty of food, and enough booze to keep us all in the mood, for more days of walking, and round campfire talking.

The road is rough, but hey – we’re tough, and onward we bounce – without losing an ounce.

Now on to Bell gorge for a walk, and a swim – at the top of the big water fall, or maybe below if you happened to fall, while walking along too close to the edge, where there’s nothing to warn you, not even a hedge.

At Manning river we stop for the night, right next to the river, now there’s a fine sight.

Next morning across the river we swim – and walk along the canyon wall, to another great big waterfall.  Everyone goes for a swim in the pool.  If you don’t go in you feel like a fool.

On the walk in, young Sandy had a slip. She hurt her wrist, lucky it wasn’t a hip.

Gools wrapped it up with a splint and she kept right up with us, wherever we went.  This little lady has a spirit like flint.

Back on the road and we’re bouncing along, if it wasn’t so noisy we could all sing a song.  And after another long long day, we finished up – El Questro way, for a couple of nights – while most did the flights – up to the Mitchell plateau, and then you can go – up in a helicopter to see the river flow.

And through some more gorges we were privileged to walk, while superguide Gools gave us a talk – on flowers and trees, and the birds and the bees.

While walking the gorges I heard it said, if you want to get lost, then just follow Deb.

A sunset we watched, up at the lookout  – then on back to camp for another great cookout.

Onwards we drove to Emma – to walk to magnificent pools, just as we were promised by Gools.

Leaving Emma gorge we were soon off the Gibb, on the black top road, and hurah hurah, we’ve made it to Kun nun nara.

Whilst in this campground next to a lake, most of us some tours did take.  Big barra were caught by Chris and Julie, and we all had a feast fixed by Thommo and Gooley, sorry – Gools.

On down the road to another campground – where we couldn’t have a fire – and we sat round the table  in our winter attire.

In the early hours laying awake with everyone snoring, one could only be thankful it would soon be morning.

Next dawn a dingo, maybe out for a run – let out a howl – to welcome the sun.

Early back on the bus on a rough twisty track – through little creeks and neat stuff like that, we came at last to the Bungle Bungle.  What’s that I hear, you expected a jungle?

No jungle here, just fabulous rocks – eroded into these massive domes on which lots of termites have made their homes, in little domes.

These rocks are in layers of red and of black.  Take lots of pictures, you may not be back.

Then from Piccaninny to Echidna the road is quite long, and up front Gools and Thommo sing that old song  – “Shake it, don’t break it” – as we roll along. After each creek crossing, check the tires for rocks, Thommo keep us safe – we don’t need any shocks.

Back at camp for another great meal, and next morning to Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing we wheel, maybe interesting places if it’s indigenous culture you seek.  We have been going now well over a week.

Riding down the road, to pass the time, Thommo tells us interesting stories of the this country’s glories.

Now in our last campground it’s just us you see, with all the folks up here you think – how can that be?

One last swim in our own billabong we should be inspired to break out in song.

Tomorrow back to Broome, dusty and tired, for sure we’ve all had our ADVENTURE WILD.

Thank you Gools, thank you Thommo; and thank you Simone.