Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Cathy Kiss AM & Steve Lynch

Year of Tour: 2024

Adventure Wild tour May / June 2024

We had the best time on our Adventure Wild tour of the Kimberley. Phil and Liz were outstanding hosts – professional, very knowledgeable, caring and really fun. The places we visited were so beautiful, and there was so much to see. Our first few days where we travelled and camped through the Gibb River road were so remote, it was so unspoiled and incredibly special. The walks and swimming in the gorges and waterfalls were amazing. The camping was great, the company fun, and the meals were delicious – we called the trailer “the Tardis” as so many things just kept appearing out of it!

Being off the grid for phone and internet for much of the time also really helped to just tune in and enjoy the experience.

From my first inquiry through to our entire trip, our experience was excellent. Simone was so responsive, answering any queries, providing all the information we needed to ensure we had what we needed when we were booking the trip. Phil and Liz made sure we had just the right amount of information we needed to be ready for each day, without having to stress over anything.

I have to say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Thank you.