Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Cathy and Jeffrey Quan

Year of Tour: 2013

We’ve thought a lot about travelling to the Kimberley, but camping was never our option until we saw Greg at the Travel Show in Sydney. He was most persuasive and informative about what was to be in store for us, and I am very happy to say that he was correct in every way.

For someone who has not camped before, it was certainly an unforgettable experience for both Jeffrey and myself.

We’ve learned how to roll our swags, take down the tent in record time. Sleeping in the tent, seeing the glistening night sky, sitting around the camp fire at night, sipping champagne, nibbling on cheese and crackers while the sun setting, listening to Rory and Stephan singing and playing their guitar and flute are memories we will treasure.

However, I did have some reservation before the tour since I have a special dietary requirement. Getting gluten free food in a restaurant in the middle of the city is difficult enough, let alone in the middle of nowhere. To my surprise, the meal throughout the trip was wholesome, gluten free, plenty of meat, vegetable and fruits. We were never hungry!!!!

Memories of our 12 days tour flooding back as I am flipping through hundreds of photos I’ve taken. Most noticeably are the beautifully scenic gorges where we swam, swimming across the river, sitting in the hot spring, picking fire wood for our camp fire, stopping for morning/afternoon tea and lunch. Picking rosella flowers for the tasty rosella jam Rory made. Seeing the numerous bird life, fresh water croc and the sun set along the Lake Argyle (optional tour) was a peaceful and worthwhile experience. Walking along the Bungle Bungle, and listening to Stephan playing the flute in the Cathedral Gorge was “icing on the cake”!!!

Thank you Rory and Stephan for taking such good care of us, and to have made this such a wonderful, and happy vacation for all of us. I have no reservation in recommending Adventure Wild to my friends, and to those who have any dietary requirement! To those who have not camped before, it will be an adventure of a life time!!!

Rating 5/5