Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Brenda O’Donnell Follow Up

Year of Tour: 2013

Just a quick follow-up after my trip with Adventure Wild from 9 June – it was the most wonderful experience, I loved every minute of it and keep reliving it as I show workmates and friends my photos! None of us will ever forget the first night and that ‘deranged’ grader driver! Not too many campers would have a similar story to tell I suspect.

Gools and Thommo were fabulous. They led and guided us all with diplomacy, respect and, when necessary, reminders of our responsibilities. I would travel anywhere with them. They were friendly, informative and took care that all of our needs were met. The food was tops and there was plenty of it. They were both highly organised but flexible when the situation required it. I felt safe and secure with them during the whole trip and was very pleased that they were our nominated drivers.

I have begun painting scenes from my many photos – another exercise that constantly takes me back to the Kimberley!

Many thanks indeed for providing us with a top quality, challenging and interesting camping trip.

Rating 4/5