Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Jo Hoad

Year of Tour: 2024

Hi Simone and Karl,

What a fabulous trip with Gools and Thommo. Those two are amazing and I think I have put on 5 kilos along the way. The attention to detail, local knowledge and care for everyone on tour is something that I haven’t experienced before. The way they both drive the truck and look after it is very fortunate for you as business owners as they treat it as if it is their own. I knew they were good drivers but after being on the El Questro truck it really stood out as to how good they are.

The food was really a highlight and not one I was expecting. Gools cooked up amazing meals everyday and we all looked forward to food time. I was also impressed with how she catered for the different food requirements, again not something that always happens on tours.

Clearly Gools and Thommo love and enjoy what they do and you are very lucky that they work for you. I would travel anywhere with them again. Would love it if you would consider The Pilbara as another option to travel in future.

The truck fit out was very impressive, they seemed to have everything on board and knew exactly where everything was at any given time. In future builds if possible a camera on the front of the truck and a tv screen inside the truck would give all passengers a view of the road we are traveling would be great. Thank goodness the truck had windows that opened as the El Questro truck had no aircon and we couldn’t open the windows. We used our windows to take photos from and fortunately had aircon that worked.

To you and Karl, I thank you for providing this opportunity to tick off a bucket list item of The Gibb River Road and Bungle Bungles. You provided so much detailed information and were always quick to respond to any questions. I am so glad that I met Mark at the caravan show in Melbourne and he explained the tour to me and that is the reason I chose your business. Was also in Perth for the caravan show and met Karl and that confirmed I had made the right choice.

Also absolutely love that you don’t charge a single supplement, thank you.

Keep up the great work and I wish you all the success with your business, it is very clear how hard you work to achieve this.

I will certainly be promoting your business as I truly believe you have a fantastic product that people want.

Many thanks,