Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Damian Taylor

Year of Tour: 2023

Hi Simone and Karl,

Well, where do I start !

My wife Robyn and I had booked to do an APT chartered cruise on Le Laperouse from Broome to Darwin in June but for various reasons had to cancel.

I was keen to see the Kimberley by land and on the recommendation of our friend Julie Jenkin, I booked with your company (Jules travelled with you last year or the year before ).  I asked my brother Joe to join me as it wasn’t Robyn’s sort of adventure.  It turned out well in the end as the appreciation of the land, sights and sounds and all the trip offered on so many levels was immense and hugely satisfying.

Let me start with you.

Your outstanding communications, both by phone and email made planning and understanding the forthcoming trip a breeze.  You must be hard wired to your phone as I have never experienced in all my years in business someone who responds so quickly!  The back of house is crucial to what you do and nothing was left to chance or overlooked.  10/10.

Then we had Phil and Liz as our tour guides and fearless leaders ! What a win to start the trip with.

Fabulous Phil, the bush philosopher with his store of “Philisms” to suit every location, situation and occasion.  When temporarily ” detained ” in the Barnett River, Phil had to quietly correct those of us who were excited at getting bogged  and us referring to our situation as such, by saying “you are never bogged if you can get out by yourself ” …..and that is precisely what we did with Phil’s experience and can do attitude winning the day.  And a great conjurer of terrific evening meals to boot.

Loverly Liz, caring, kind, forever patient, organised, energetic, knowledgeable and incredibly hard working.  We all looked forward to Liz’s nightly talkie talks where she outlined the next day’s activities and destinations, fielding numerous questions from us with consumate ease and experience.  Her daily lunches were a highlight and eagerly consumed by all.  They made a great team and seemed to enjoy our company as much as we did theirs.

The trip itself was a great balance of a hands on camping experience with swags, tents and campfires together with the indulgence of being transported, guided, fed and watered by others.

By the end of the adventure, we mostly reckoned we had a more fulfilling experience than some of our fellow Gibb River Road glampers in their leather seated Mercedes buses with air suspension (well maybe all except for the air suspension!)

With early to bed and earlier to rise being the modus operandi, I certainly felt wealthier and wiser for the experience.

I am now looking forward to returning next year with my wife Robyn and to experience this world class part of Australia by sea.

All the very best with the rest of your season and to many more delighted customers.

Regards and a huge thanks,