Testimonial for Adventure Wild

Julia Tompkins

Year of Tour: 2023

Hi Simone

I’ve just written to Cheryl and Wayne but also wanted to give you some feedback.  These guys worked incredibly long days to provide an amazing trip for us.  Going above and beyond what I believe was required of them but not wishing us to miss out on anything.  They are an amazing team.

I chose Adventure Wild because of the breadth of country we traversed and key sights we were to see. I was not disappointed.  The cost of the trip enabled me to also include some additional trips which completed the holiday.  Despite missing out on Lake Argyle [due to the skipper contracting COVID] I was so very pleased to be able to spend more time at the Argyle Homestead.  It’s such an important part of Australian history, particularly in that area and the organisers for that trip should be encouraged to extend their stop at Argyle Homestead.  The 40mins we had (as opposed to the usual 20 mins) was a perfect length of time.  It’s easy to say ‘you’ll have to come back’ but for most of us that just simply isn’t going to happen.  Please pass on my thanks to Mon for making the trip to the Ord River diversion a great one. She too went above and beyond on that day of COVID disruptions.

Mitchell Falls was an excellent addition but the walk was so much shorter than I expected. I would loved to have had the option of walking both ways – although my aversion to helicopters may be leading that argument🤷. I also loved all our walks on the trip and am lucky enough to be fit enough to enjoy them all.

Below is an excerpt from the email I sent to Cheryl and Wayne:

I particularly wanted to repeat those totally inadequate words ‘thank you’. You do truly go above and beyond for your travellers and make it in an incredible experience that none of us will forget. Managing the multi-layered personalities of your travellers is tricky enough without the incredible long days that you do. And then the unexpected happens and you go that extra mile to ensure nobody misses out. Your combined knowledge of the country and the history- indigenous, flora and fauna alike is extraordinary. Thommo’s tales of the people he meets and then gets the full tale of who, why and where were always worth listening for.

And then of course the chefs extraordinaire.  The food you produce with such limited access to not only a main stove or oven but also limited access to freshly bought produce was truly amazing. Combining fresh fruit and veggies with pre-packed and those extra carbs and sugary drinks on those days when you knew we would need it to keep us going.  Baked beans on toast on that extraordinary long day into the Bungle Bungles would have been more than adequate but no, you turned around at the end of that long day and produced another gourmet meal.

It’s a holiday I will never forget, and for all the right reasons 😊.  And I will certainly be recommending the tour to others.

Thank you for providing the means for an amazing and very memorable trip.

Stay safe